Imaginary Menagerie Vol. 4 Group Show - Sept. 2nd Arch Enemy Arts

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PHILADELPHIA, PA.​­ Jim McKenzie, a surrealist artist who recently celebrated his debut solo art show

“Lost Magic” at Copro Gallery this summer, will unveil his latest creation “Welcome to the Underworld” as

apart of Imaginary Menagerie 4 for Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia on September 2, 2016. The opening

reception will be held in the evening from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and is open to the public, (Artist will be present). The show will be

on display at the gallery which is located at 109 Arch Street in Philadelphia, PA 19106 through October 1st.


McKenzie’s short film “The Scarecrow”, which showcases the two years of work that went into creating

his show’s signature piece, went viral shortly after his debut. However, McKenzie is drawing inspiration

from another creature in “Lost Magic” titled “Pugglepillar” for his new piece. Imaginary Menagerie 4 will

center around artistic interpretations of mythical creatures by sixteen different artists. McKenzie is

currently at work creating “Welcome to the Underworld”, a three­headed dog similar to Cerberus, the

hound in Greek mythology who guards the entrance to Hades.