The Making of King Gordo, by Jim McKenzie

The Making of King Gordo, by Jim McKenzie

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A little step by step process of how King Gordo was created, in case any of you want to sculpt your own dog at home. I actually had no clue what I was doing as this was my first time using Magic Sculpt, but I think it turned out alright!

So if I could relay one cheesy message from this particular experience it would be for you to step out of your comfort zone, no matter how great of an artist you may be. Try a medium you haven't explored yet because it might be something you really enjoy doing.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to the process:
Gordo McKenzie, Chet Zar, Copro Gallery, Yolanda Golebiowski, Thena Cartwright, Joe Burrascano, Triston Huang, Melissa Ximena, Scott Radke, Joe Knechtel, Trisha Andrada, Samuel Gliner, Jason Bakutis, and anyone else that gave me advice along the way.